Designing learning materials for French academia

October 29, 2019

I am so excited to announce that I created learning content for Digital Cultures & Ethics, a course taught at the University of the Cote d’Azur, Nice, France.

The creation of the learning videos consisted of thorough discussions with the course professor around the learning objectives of his course, the tone, style and pace he wanted to give at his course and how the creation of new educational content could really have an impact on the course’s delivery. I created several videos for that course. Here, I am listing just one. Enjoy!


Hi! My name is Ifigeneia and I am an instructional designer and e-learning expert. I have been working for a variety of fields and projects, including academia, formal education, lifelong learning and HR trainings. Coming from a creative background, with a rich experience on puppetry, stop-motion and game design, I advocate for creative and intrinsically motivating learning experiences in every project I work on.