November 16, 2018
Nebulosity is a 3D role-playing game, placing the emphasis on the MDGs of our modern societies, by identifying and modeling players’ attitude, beliefs and misconceptions on MDGs through the analysis of their choices, decisions and interactions, during the game evolution. In the front end, Nebulosity combines a powerful game engine with graphic interface, allowing the players to interact with a great number of living creatures and objects in the Nebulo Island; in the back end, a sophisticated monitoring and modeling engine acquires information from the players’ interactions and decisions, resulting in user-modeling, adaptation of the game structure, and a feedback firing towards an optimum behavior change. Nebulosity addresses a great variety of issues, (e.g. environment sustainability, global partnership, gender equality, combating hunger, HIV, malaria and diseases, universal education), by presenting players with challenges like delivering supplies, protecting the environment (by recycling, promoting renewable energy forms and reducing water and atmosphere pollution), implementing campaigns and debates on specific issues, building facilities and motivating local people to become volunteers. The triggering of players’ perspectives upon realistic problems through a game concept, combined with the forthcoming on-line version, makes Nebulosity an innovative mean of forming social network behavior, contributing to a global attitude on MDGs.

Hi! My name is Ifigeneia and I am an instructional designer, UX writer, usability consultant and content strategist. I have been designed learning experiences for various contexts, including Higher Education, K-12, Human Resources, Technical & Corporate contexts. I have also been trying to bring an instructional and gamified tone to technical and UX writing through e-learning.